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Personal Data

e-mail: jfkroeger@web.de


2009: Master in Cultural Sciences / Political Science / Gender Studies
since 1998/1999: Cultural Sciences and Gender Studies at the Humboldt University of Berlin.
since 1995: Political Sciences at the Freie University of Berlin.
1995: High school diploma

Professional experience

Since 1995
Work as journalist and author
working as a freelance journalist and author, publications on new technologies (biotechnology, genetic research), the cultural dimension of cars and the conflict in Sri Lanka.

Student assistant: History of science
Institute for the History of Pharmacy and Science, Braunschweig / Max Planck Institute for the History of Science, Berlin - student assistant of Dr. Alexander von Schwerin.

Work as webdesigner
Development of a Corporate Identity for the company Lebensschritte - Ernährungsberatung und Coaching: Design of the website, the company logo, a self-portrayal-brochure, business cards, letter and note paper.

Work as webdesigner
Design of a website for the artist Gerhild Kröger Hachmeister

April - July 2006
Internship in France
Laboratory of Accidentology, Biomechanics and studies of human behaviour, PSA Peugeot Citroën - Renault (LAB), Paris-Nanterre, internship of 3 months.

May 2003 – April 2006
Student assistant: Cultural sciences, HU Berlin
Institute of cultural sciences, Humboldt-Universität of Berlin, student assistant of Hartmut Böhme, director of the lnstitute, 3 years.

July - September 2005
Internship printmedia: taz, die tageszeitung, Berlin
Daily newspaper "die tageszeitung", department science / economy and environment, internship of 3 months.
Creation of one full page about the neurosciences.

June 2000 - May 2001
Work as illustrator
Employee of BVM bytes.vibes.minds, company of new media (today: morgen studios), Berlin, illustrator, assistance of animation, 11 months.

October 1997 - October 2000
Speaker cultural department at AStA (student council) of the Freie Universität of Berlin, 3 years.

September - October 1999
Internship printmedia
Weekly newspaper "Jungle World", Berlin, internship of 2 months.


October 11, 2012:
L´accident de voiture dans le film francais 1950-1975
Salon d´automobile Paris 2012, Les ateliers du mondial

September 13, 2011:
Cars and communication technologies in film: The car radio as magic technology

Doctoral Summerschool `Mobility and Information Technologies: a long term perspective´,
program (pdf),
Cité des télécoms, Parc du Radôme, Pleumeur-Bodou / France.
(Lecture in english)

June 17, 2011:
Driverless and accidentfree - the image history of an utopian automobility concept in popular culture.

Workshop Technology Fiction: Technische Utopien und Visionen in der Hochmoderne,
program (pdf),
Technische Universität Dresden, SFB 804, "Transzendenz und Gemeinsinn"
Teilprojekt M "Das Fortschrittsversprechen von Technik und die Altruismusbehauptung der Ingenieure in der technokratischen Hochmoderne (ca. 1880-1970)".
(Lecture in german)

February 15, 2011: History of knowledge and image history of the car accident
Deutsches Forum Kunstgeschichte, Paris / France.
(Lecture in french)

June 19, 2009: Car accidents in film
Ecole nationale supérieure - Lettres et sciences humaines (ENS-LSH), Lyon / France, seminar organised by CIERA (Centre interdisciplinaire d´études et de recherches sur l´allemagne)
(Lecture in french)

July 4, 2006: Cultural sciences and the automobile,
Technocentre (Headquarter of Renault), Guyancourt / France
(Lecture in french)

July 3, 2006: Cultural sciences and the automobile,
Laboratoire d'Accidentologie, de Biomécanique et d'études du comportement humain (LAB), Paris-Nanterre / France.
(Lecture in french)

May 29, 2003: "Glass, the accident and the automobility of DNA - circulation of analogies in the roundabout", infooffspring-art project, Dresden.
Construction of an installation about the car and the human body.
announcement (pdf)

March 23, 2002: Human genetics research,
Seminar "Genetic medicine", Bildungswerk Heinrich Böll-Stiftung, Berlin.

June 29, 2001: History of genetic research in Berlin-Dahlem
Organisation, lecture and und direction of the circuit "hinGEN!", Campus of the Freie Universität of Berlin, together with Oliver Sonntag.

July 3, 1999: Concepts of culture: Exclusion and/or self empowerment?
Antiracism-days, Otto Suhr-Institut for Political Sciences, Freie Universität of Berlin, together with Birgit Krug und Hae-Lin Choi.

March 15, 1998: The Left and popular culture, Volksuni Berlin, together with Birgit Krug.


Since september 2011:
Tutor Université Paris I - Panthéon Sorbonne,
Centre d´Histoire des Sciences et d´Histoire des Techniques:
Tutorial project: City and University in University Cities: Paris, Padoa, Evora.
Master Erasmus Mundus Techniques, Patrimoine, Territoires de l´industrie (TPTI), Group C: Paysage urbain et territoire (Mise en place d´un musée virtuel)

October 2001 - April 2002:
Tutor Freie Universität Berlin
Otto-Suhr-Institute of Political Science,
Tutoral project Genetic and reproduction technologies and political technologies of the individual. The reproduction of man as an object of scientific research.
(together with Oliver Sonntag)
Download: abstract, program of the seminar and bibliography / in german (pdf)


21. January 2007 Expertise for the radio: Carcrashs and culture
Expertise for the Radio-Eins-Magazine "Die Sonntagsfahrer" / Berlin about the transformation of the promise of automobility: Is it the risk to have an accident, which creates the pleasure of driving?
Could automatic cars avoid all accidents?
Which new types of accidents are created by new technologies?
Download the talk in german / 6.30 Min. (mp3)

11. December 2005 Expertise for the radio: Car culture
Expertise for the Radio-Eins-Magazine "Die Sonntagsfahrer" / Berlin about the question if cars does have faces and how body-dreams are realised in car bodies.

July 2001 Expertise: Genetic research in Berlin (for the green party)
Expertise for the german party Bündnis 90/Die Grünen in the parliament of Berlin about the report "chances and risks of genetic research in Berlin" from the Senat of Berlin from 27. March 2001.

Research projects / Publishing

June 2004 Foundation of Carstudies
Foundation of the website Carstudies, scientific research project about the cultural dimension of cars and especially car accidents: Design and conception of the site.

1998-2002 Editor of a book about human gentics and culture
Editor of the book Angewandte Genetik, The genes between myths and commercialisation
Layout and lectorate of the book (together with the team human genetics of Gen-ethisches Netzwerk, Berlin) .
Appeared 2002 by the editor b_books in Berlin.

Languages and computer skills

French: fluent
English: conversational
German: mother language

Office: Microsoft Word, Powerpoint
Web-Production: Adobe GoLive, html
DTP: Quark XPress, InDesign und Photoshop
Photography: digital and analog

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